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[orbit-dev] Interested in Contributing LPG v1.1


The MDT UML2-OCL component (formerly known as EMFT OCL) currently includes version 1.1 of a parser generator run-time library from the LPG ("LALR Parser Generator") project at SourceForge, which I would like to contribute to Orbit.  I know of at least one other Eclipse project in the Europa group that is interested in using this library.

I think I understand that, since this library was already approved by EMO for OCL's 1.0 release, it doesn't need any additional approval for

  1) Contribution to Orbit
  2) Consumption from Orbit by the OCL project

However, this library was IP-approved before IPzilla was instituted.  Do I need to run it through that process in order to meet Orbit's traceability requirements?

Also, this case touches on some of the bundle-naming concerns mentioned on the Orbit wiki.  LPG consists of a single package lpg.lpgjavaruntime, but I think a more appropriate bundle name would be based on the SourceForge project name:  net.sourceforge.lpg or the Orbit project name:  org.eclipse.orbit.lpg.  I, personally, prefer the latter because it wouldn't look like I am assuming somebody else's identity.  Do the current Orbit committers have a concensus, yet, on the recommended approach?

More information about the LPG project can be found at



Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, MDT UML2-OCL
IBM Rational Software

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