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Re: [orbit-dev] How can I join Orbit?

Martin Oberhuber wrote on 10/23/2006 07:42:55 AM:

> I'd like to join the Orbit team, but instructions at
> php/Orbit#How_do_I_become_a_committer_in_Orbit.3F
> are not very clear (I had expected an E-Mail to send a request to, or
> something like that; also, a link the mailing list page
> was not linked anywhere).

Thanks for the interest.  The main Orbit page
has a link to the mailing list with the information related to Getting started and Getting involved.  The "resources" page
(linked in the "Orbit links" box on the right of all Orbit pages) includes a link to the mailing list info page and all other elements related to Orbit infrastructure.

The context for the wiki entry was different.  It was more pointing out that Orbit is mainly populated by committers on other projects.  I agree completely that the entry should be clarified.  I added a link to the wiki entry.

> I'm the project lead of the Target Management Project, going to join the
> Europa release train, and here are the bundles I have to offer:
> org.apache.oro_2.0.8
> org.apache.commons.net_1.4.1
> I'm planning to be on the kickoff call tomorrow, but I can't say for
> sure since 8pm my time is not easy to make for me.

Great.  Talk to you then.  Sorry about the time.  Future calls will be earlier...


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