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[orbit-dev] Orbit reaches escape velocity

Matt Ward (webmaster) has completed the provisioning of the Orbit project complete with repo, website, mailing list, ...  Well, have to put up all the right info on the website but here is the overview.

One point to note for committers:  the Orbit CVS location is in the Tools repo.  When you are adding a project (i.e., Team > Share), please be sure to specify a full module name such as
    org.eclipse.orbit/<new bundle id here>
Otherwise the project will end up at the top level of that repo (which is already a mess).

I put a couple projects in the CVS repo just for fun.  I've not tested them but wanted to play with the repo, project shape etc.  For the most part we should try to emulate this shape.  See


CVS repo
repository: /cvsroot/tools
method: extssh

Website ( (bogus content right now)
repository: /cvsroot/org.eclipse
method: extssh

Mailing list


Newgroup (but you knew that already right?!)

URLs will look something like
<a href="">"">

You can listen to


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