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[openMobility] Open Source Summit roundup
  • From: <Michael.Behrisch@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2019 14:51:01 +0000
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Dear open mobilists and autonomous drivers,

I just wanted to forward you some impressions concerning our working groups I collected on Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe which took place in Lyon last week. Bad news first: Nobody, I talked to, had heard of our activities yet, only few even knew Eclipse Foundation (although they knew the IDE of course).

I was primarily there to get in touch with the Urban Computing Foundation which is a group of companies (Google, Facebook, Uber among others) which want to build open source projects around the whole area of evaluating city data and using it to improve urban living. Currently they are still focused very much on data visualization (their first project is an Uber project called but they definitely want to go into mobility and especially simulation as well. They were excited (probably the “American way” of excited but nevertheless) to hear about our initiatives and would like to have some “Cross-Foundational” activities here (Linux foundation is already a member of Eclipse Foundation as far as I know). I will invite them to our next openMobility call and try to join their next Telco as well but it may be difficult due to the time zones (they are primarily in California). The most important persons here are Travis Gorkin who is more or less the technical lead for the Urban Computing Foundation at Uber and Dan Lopez who is the representative from the Linux Foundation.

Another good contact was to the people of CodeThink who basically did a test evaluation for the open source autonomous driving implementation of the Apollo project (as far as I understood a Baidu backed project also incorporating former Waymo leader Sebastian Thrun) and will soon open source their whole test methodology as well (this may be of interest to openGenesis as well).

Last but not least I visited the talk concerning Automotive Grade Linux, which seems to become a huge project at least concerning number of members (more than 130 and still counting) but with a code base still focused on entertainment and not covering our use cases of autonomous driving and simulation although they have it on their roadmap as well. I heard the talk of Walt Miner and spoke to him afterwards and he seemed also to be fond of the idea of doing something together here. So all in all a great event and the idea of Open Source seems to get traction in the mobility world beyond Eclipse as well. I hope we can find some way to collaborate.


Best regards




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