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[openMobility] FW: [OpenMobility] Minutes from last telco (Sep. 6 2017)



From: Hilbrich, Robert
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2017 8:15 AM
To: 'Krause, Jens (EEIP/2)'; 'Protzmann, Robert'; 'Hartjen, Lukas (K-GERFA/S)'; 'Semrau, Marc (K-GERFA/S)'; 'Roth, Stefan, Dr. (K-SIPB-4/1)'; 'rainer.gasper@xxxxxxxxxxxx'; Marek Heinrich (MarekHeinrich@xxxxxxxxx); Timo.Vogt@xxxxxx; Behrisch, Michael; 'Franz-Josef.Koenig@xxxxxx'; 'Christoph Sommer'; 'Maximilian Chucholowski'; Lei.WL.Wang@xxxxxx; 'ZIP Eckart Pröll (exu@xxxxxx)'; Höhne, Mathias; 'Hübner, Karl'; 'Ralph Mueller'; Lämmel, Gregor; Born, Alexander; 'Maximilian Chucholowski'; 'msegata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: [OpenMobility] Minutes from last telco (Sep. 6 2017)


Dear Partners,


thank you for attending the Eclipse OpenMobility telco yesterday. You can find the minutes here:


An invitation for the next telco has been sent yesterday.



-          do not forget to subscribe to the new openMobility mailinglist as we are going to use that list from now on (

-          go through the possible alternatives for the working group structure (see minutes) and

-          read over the vision and scope section in the openmobility wiki  (


Thank you and best regards,





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