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[openkonsequenz-wg] How to contribute

Dear members of the openKonsequenz WG,

please let me briefly introduce myself. My name is René Peinl. I’m head of the research group “systems integration” at our Institute of Information Systems at Hof University and deal with integration of open source software systems. We are working in close cooperation with our colleagues from the research group “smart grids” and a regional energy provider / utility company to build a proof of concept for a smart  control room that includes controlling energy flows from regenerative energy sources.

I’ve recently learnt about the openKonsequenz project from a brief article in the German iX developer magazine. (Energiewende: Open Source Plattform für den Netzbetrieb)

I was very positively surprised about this information, since the project ideally combines technologies which my research group is very familiar with (ESB, application server, BPMN, HTML5, Angular.JS, …) with the current application domain of our interest.

Therefore, I would be very interested in joining forces with the working group and learning more about how we could contribute.


René Peinl




Prof. Dr. René Peinl

Teaching area: architecture of Web applications

Head of research group systems integration


University of applied sciences Hof

Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1

95028 Hof, Germany


Tel: +49 (0)9281 409 4820

E-Mail: rene.peinl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






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