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[openj9-dev] Committer Election for Devin Papineau on Eclipse OpenJ9™ has started

A committer election for Devin Papineau on project Eclipse OpenJ9™
(technology.openj9) was started by Daryl Maier with this criteria:

Devin Papineau has been an active contributor to the Eclipse OpenJ9 project
since 2017.

He is articulate in the design and operation of many optimizations in the
common optimizer in the JIT compiler and the theory behind them (for example,
method inlining, value propagation, idiom recognition, and the symbol
validation manager).  He is well-versed in many areas of the Java Virtual
Machine Specification and has been deeply involved in the JIT’s design,
experimentation, and implementation of JEP 169 (Value Objects) and
MethodHandles (both OpenJ9 and OpenJDK).

Devin has contributed 69 pull requests (and 114 commits) to the project, and
has repeatedly demonstrated thoroughness in his implementation and quality
assurance of each of those commits.  He also monitors and provides responses
to questions asked on the Eclipse OpenJ9 Slack workspace, particularly in
areas dealing with the compiler, optimizations, or compiler IL.

One of Devin’s invaluable strengths is the thoroughness of his code and
design reviews.  He has formally reviewed 67 PRs but has been indirectly
involved in shaping many others.  His reviews draw upon his deep experience
with the common optimizer, Testarossa IL design and operation, optimization
theory, the Java VM specification, C++, and debugging techniques.  He often
discovers missed corner cases and design limitations, and articulates his
observations through clear examples and sample Java code when appropriate.
His review comments are provided in a timely fashion and always reflect
professionalism and respect for contributors.

I believe Devin will be an excellent committer on the Eclipse OpenJ9 project.

Eclipse OpenJ9™ project committers can click the election link below to



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