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[openj9-dev] OpenJ9 project website change request

Dear OpenJ9 Project Leaders,

With the recent creation of the Eclipse Adoptium top-level project as the new home for the AdoptOpenJDK runtimes, the Eclipse Foundation entered into an agreement with Oracle for the Java SE TCK. The agreement requires Eclipse to distribute, market or promote only open source Java SE implementations that are licensed for and have passed a Java SE TCK. For reference see the Licensing section of the Eclipse Adoptium charter

Our request to the OpenJ9 project is to update your project page to remove the text that promotes grabbing a pre-built binary of OpenJDK with OpenJ9 and the link button to AdoptOpenJDK. The text and link can be reinstated to download a pre-built Java SE runtime with OpenJ9 if and when that is available as a compatible implementation from IBM.

Thanks … Paul

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