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[openj9-dev] Committer Election for Tobi Ajila on Eclipse OpenJ9 has started

A committer election for Tobi Ajila on project Eclipse OpenJ9
(technology.openj9) was started by Dan Heidinga with this criteria:

Tobi Ajila has been an active contributor to the Eclipse Openj9 project since
its inception [1]. His primary area of focus is the core runtime of the JVM
(interpreter, class loading/linking and core class libraries). He has also
been involved in all the major Java releases since 2017 with significant
contributions to the Nestmates (JEP 181), ConstantDynamic (JEP 309) and
Modularity (JEP 200) JEP's.
Tobi is currently leading the effort to support Project Valhalla features on
Openj9. This project proposes complex and far reaching changes to the JVM as
it touches all the major components (runtime, JIT, GC, class libraries,
tooling). Tobi frequently collaborates with other OpenJ9 committers to ensure
that the design of these new features are compatible with how OpenJ9 works
and to also make sure that these features will perform well on OpenJ9. Tobi
lead's the effort on the ValueTypes prototype on OpenJ9. These
responsibilities include designing, writing and reviewing code as well as
working with other committers to balance performance and future
maintainability in the implementation.
Tobi has also been very involved in the Openj9 community. He frequently
attends the weekly community calls and has given lightning talks [4] [5] on
Project Valhalla at the weekly meetings. He is also involved in the broader
Java community and has given talks on OpenJ9 [6] and related features [7] [8]
at various conferences.
Tobi has been very active on the Eclipse OpenJ9 project and has contributed
93 commits (17,693 ++  5,453 --) [9]. He also frequently mentors first time
committers through code reviews (100+). He has used his experience as a
runtime developer to provide valuable feedback in various PRs and issues.


Eclipse OpenJ9 project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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