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[openj9-dev] Committer Election for Kazuhiro Konno on Eclipse OpenJ9 has started

A committer election for Kazuhiro Konno on project Eclipse OpenJ9
(technology.openj9) was started by Daryl Maier with this criteria:

Kazuhiro Konno has been an active contributor to the Eclipse OpenJ9 project
since 2017.  He has deep knowledge of both the ARMv7 and ARMv8 instruction
set architectures and environments hosted on ARM processors.  While his early
contributions to OpenJ9 were fixes to the 32-bit ARM just-in-time (JIT)
compiler, Konno-san's primary contribution to the OpenJ9 project is a port of
the OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to the AArch64 architecture,
functionally completed and committed in early 2019.  He successfully ported
and committed key components such as the port library, interpreter, garbage
collector, shared classes cache, class libraries, and build configuration and
makefiles to build and run natively on AArch64.  He has also contributed a
Docker file and documentation describing how to build and configure OpenJ9
for AArch64.  Of late, he has made a number of contributions toward providing
a functional JIT compiler for AArch64.  These commits involve extending the
Eclipse OMR compiler for AArch64 (which he was instrumental in developing) to
provide the needed functionality for Java, and developing the JIT runtime
that is the interface between JITed code and the JVM.  As a result of his
many development contributions, Konno-san has acquired deep skills in
different OpenJ9 components, especially the JIT compiler and runtime.  The
Eclipse OpenJ9 project would benefit from a committer with this depth of

Konno-san has contributed over 114 pull requests to the project, and has
repeatedly demonstrated thoroughness in his implementation and quality of
those commits.  He has also participated in the review of 21 pull requests
from other contributors.  His comments always reflect respect for
contributors and professionalism.  When his ARM expertise is explicitly
sought during a code review or through a question on Slack in the community
workspace, his responses are timely and helpful.

I believe Konno-san is an excellent candidate to be a committer in the
Eclipse OpenJ9 project.

Eclipse OpenJ9 project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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