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[openj9-dev] Committer Election for Irwin D' Souza on Eclipse OpenJ9 has started

A committer election for Irwin D'Souza on project Eclipse OpenJ9
(technology.openj9) was started by Filip Jeremic with this criteria:

Irwin D'Souza is an active contributor to the Eclipse OpenJ9 project [1]. His
primary expertise is in control logic and AOT where has done an excellent job
of re-inventing and documenting the core infrastructure of AOT in the
compiler component of Eclipse OpenJ9 project.

In his more recent and technically challenging piece of work Irwin has led
the re-design and development of a new AOT run time assumptions
infrastructure in the JIT compiler by introducing the Symbol Validation
Manager [2]. This substantial piece of work has opened the doors to higher
performance AOT code giving us the necessary push to enable shared classes by
default in the Eclipse OpenJ9 0.12.0 release. As a direct result of Irwin's
work we have seen performance improvements of AOT compiled code by up to 15%
which enables Eclipse OpenJ9 to continue its dominance in startup time
metrics over its competitors.

Along the way Irwin has written an excellent set of blog posts on how the
various parts of the AOT infrastructure, including relocation and validation
of AOT code [3]. However this is not Irwin's first contribution to
documenting the technical details of the Eclipse OpenJ9 project. He has been
involved in Eclipse OpenJ9's exploitation and documentation of hardware
assisted Concurrent Scavenge [4] and he is a regular contributor to very
detailed compiler control documents written in the projects GitHub repository

Since the inception of the Eclipse OpenJ9 project Irwin has contributed a
total of 30 pull requests totaling to 46 distinct commits [6]. These numbers
do not tell the full story as the area of the JVM Irwin typically works in
requires a high degree of expertise and careful engineering which is
reflected in his high contribution ratio (11,798 ++ 2,155 --). Irwin is
frequently found in other control related PRs providing constructive code
reviews and suggestions to other contributors. When his expertise is
explicitly sought by other contributors for a code review, his reviews are
timely and thorough. He can be frequently found in the Eclipse OpenJ9 Slack
workspace providing input to conversations at hand. Irwin has publicly
presented some of his work at conferences such as CASCON thereby driving
interest into the Eclipse OpenJ9 project.

Among all Irwin has time and time again proved on various issues and pull
requests that his values and goals align with that of the Eclipse OpenJ9
project. His judgment and expertise in the area of control and AOT are well
respected among the broader project community. He is a strong advocate for
documentation and is vocal about the strengths and innovation of the Eclipse
OpenJ9 project to the open source community.

With Irwin's past and current track record and all the above qualities I
believe Irwin will make an excellent committer to the Eclipse OpenJ9 project.


Eclipse OpenJ9 project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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