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[openj9-dev] Re-writing history of openj9 branch of openj9-omr

For those of you that haven't been on the openj9 slack today, I posted this [1]:
> I’d like to propose a forced push of the master branch (f8946921ad)
> to the openj9 branch of the openj9-omr repo. They currently have
> the same content: they only diverged temporarily to merge
> so openj9 builds on zLinux
> could succeed. Doing so will erase from history that divergence,
> but it will also avoid a sequence of useless (IMO) merge commits
> by genie-openj9. It will also make it obvious that the openj9 branch
> follows master (or is the identical commit). Does anyone have any
> objections?
If you have any comments, please share them on slack; if we are
going to do this, sooner is better, so please speak up if you object.
Thanks, Keith

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