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Re: [openj9-dev] JIPP housekeeping

Apologies.  We're taken the immediate action of modifying pull request builds so that they no longer archive the SDK [1].  Many thanks to @jdekonin & @AdamBrousseau for the fast response to minimize our usage.
We'll continue to monitor our usage and look for other areas were where the data being archived to Jenkins can be minimized or removed.
[1] =
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Subject: [openj9-dev] JIPP housekeeping
Date: Thu, May 24, 2018 2:05 PM
We've been facing a serious outage on the machine which runs your Jenkins instance today. There were no more space left on disk. It appears that OpenJ9 is using 252GB of disk space for its jobs (out of the 1TB available which is shared by all 17 projects which have a Jenkins on the same machine). Could you please do some housekeeping?

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