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Re: [openj9-dev] Security Update Policy

Hi Markus,

> Lately there has been a little re-shuffling in release cycles/security update policies on Java VMs JTrying to figure out a way forward and a VM to choose for the future, is there any information regarding OpenJ9’s security update policy, release cycles, etc.?

Short answer is that we're still putting together the full answer to your question, but there is some useful information presented as part of this discussion on our proposed support statements:

You'll see there is a proposed release cadence for Eclipse OpenJ9 in a table in that issue that I'll summarize as "basically quarterly" and also aligning as much as we think possible with the expected activities at OpenJDK. Our nightly and release binaries are built at AdoptOpenJDK and you can read their statements here:

I know it's not exactly what you're asking for but I tried to provide as many details as we currently have. If you have specific follow-on questions, feel free to ask here or on our slack channels and we can try to work through the gaps together as a group.


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