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[openj9-dev] Documenting OpenJ9 support for OpenJDK releases...

I wanted to highlight the following issue I opened last night: What JDK releases are "supported" by OpenJ9?

Its purpose it so capture community discussion on how Eclipse OpenJ9 should describe our support for various OpenJDK release levels (JDK8 and forward). In this new world of OpenJDK releases every 6 months combined with our own intentions for at least quarterly "multi-JDK" releases, I think it's important for our community to express a clear position on what problem reports we'll consider supporting and how any fixes will be provided.

Please take a few moments to read through this issue and provide your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Committers: please note that I will be asking you to explicitly vote to support this statement once any discussion tapers off, so if you have any concerns with the text please voice them in the issue now.


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