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[openj9-dev] Eclipse OpenJ9 - The first two weeks

Even though we are not yet officially “open for business” because our project "plumbing" is still coming together, I thought it would be of interest to give people a bit of an overview, at least from my perspective, of things happening at Eclipse OpenJ9.

To that end, I wrote up a “short” blog entry highlighting *some* of the work that’s been going on at the project over our first couple of weeks of life in the open. I didn’t attempt to describe everything that’s going on, so please don’t be offended if I didn’t specifically mention work that you yourself are involved with.

There is a ton of exciting stuff happening at the project and it’s really amazing to see it happening in the open. Everyone is doing great work!

Finally, if you’ve been watching this mailing list for activity and not hearing much, that’s because our projects primarily use Github issues for ongoing work. Swing by to take a look at at our sister project, Eclipse OMR:


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