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[openhw-pmc] Reminder to vote on the @roletype Election for Jordan Carlin on OpenHW Group CORE-V Cores

Voting will close tomorrow for the Committer election of Jordan Carlin on
project OpenHW Group CORE-V Cores (openhw.corev).


Jordan Carlin ( has been part of the CORE-V Wally
team since December 2023.  In this time, he has made 17 PRs to the Wally
repository, improving code coverage, debugging Zfa, and working on Sail
support for quad precision arithmetic.

He has also made major PRs to the Sail repository to fix a bug in fcvtmod.d.w
and add quad floating-point support, and has made various other contributions
to the RISC-V community through his broad interests and attention to detail.

It is my pleasure to nominate Jordan as a committer on OpenHW Group CORE-V

OpenHW Group CORE-V Cores project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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