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Re: [openhw-asia-wg] Agenda for AWG meeting July 8/9

Thank you very much Mingjie for organizing this meeting!

As you know, we identified workstreams and some workstream leaders. We still need volunteers for Accelerators, interace IP, and Benchmarking.

AWG Data Analysis and Roadmap Leader


Kan Shi

Accelerators, VEC, FP


Wei Wu, Mingjie Xing

Interface IP

Design and Verification Methodology

Jiuyang Liu,Kan Shi (dv)



Wei Wu and Danny Hua



To start a roadmap analysis,  we need a brief contribution for each area. I suggest a simple table summarizing  current open-source projects in China or other Asian countries.

To get started, here is a very simple spreadsheet template for processor core projects

Also, here is a high level summary of OpenHW Core projects


Then, I think we should have a similar table for software projects, and the other areas above.


In my view, once we have identified all the different current projects we can identify requirements.


Could we ask for volunteers to bring contributions to the meeting organizated by Mingjie?

Who is able to get us started?


Thank you,







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Subject: [openhw-asia-wg] Agenda for AWG meeting July 8/9


Hello everyone,

Our next AWG working meeting is going to start on July 9, at 8:30 UTC+8 via Zoom. The zoom coordinates are below.

Topic: OpenHW AWG Working Meeting

Time: Jul 9, 2022 08:30 AM Beijing, Shanghai

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 844 0905 3129

Passcode: 907329


 Here is a short agenda:

l  Marketing discussion

l  Design & verification area status

l  Project suggestion


Please let Duncan or myself know if you like to add something to the agenda. Looking forward to see you there.










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