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[openhw-asia-wg] AWG Steering Committee and S.C. Chair Appointment

Hi everyone,

Please note that the AWG Steering Committee as elected at the April 23, 2022 AWG meeting is

  • Mingjie Xing, ISCAS
  • Liang Peng, Futurewei
  • Yunhai Shang, Alibaba
  • Kan Shi, ICT-CAS

I am very pleased that the AWG Steering Committee met today May 25, 2022 and appointed Mingjie Xing as Chair of the Steering Committee. Thank you very much, Mingjie!

Mingjie will work to coordinate the AWG meeting agendas going forward so we can progress on the roadmap analysis and partner agreements we have discussed.

The Steering Committee also took the following actions

  • Approved the AWG seminar being organized with Wei Wu for reaching out to regional partners and interested parties, set for June 18 at 8:30 (Beijing time)
  • Is undertaking review of the AWG charter and expects to finalize review shortly
  • Mingjie is updating the AWG Work Program for review by the Eclipse Foundation EMO and the AWG general members at the next AWG meeting (to be scheduled following a monthly cadence)

Thank you


Duncan Bees 

Vancouver, Canada

Director, Technical Programs

OpenHW Group




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