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[openhw-asia-wg] Preparing the next RISC-V Seminar (aka. OpenHW AWG community meetup)

Hi Duncan,

We may need to prepare the next meetup (the temporarily brand name is RISC-V Seminar) for OpenHW AWG.

As we discussed on the last meeting, the possible date and time could be [1]. The time is not friendly for Europe members, so please point it out if we're planning to invite any speakers/guests who live in Europe time zone.

I can invite several technical talks, discussing current status and progress of toolchain and QEMU. It will be very good if we can invite more members and share the big picture of OpenHW and/or AWG.

All thoughts are welcome!

NEW YORK, United States, New York
8:30p	Fri, May 20 2022
10:30p	Fri, May 20 2022

LOS ANGELES, United States, California
5:30p	Fri, May 20 2022
7:30p	Fri, May 20 2022

8:30a	Sat, May 21 2022
10:30a	Sat, May 21 2022

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
1:30a	Sat, May 21 2022
3:30a	Sat, May 21 2022

Wei Wu (吴伟)

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