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[openhw-asia-wg] Workstream area leaders for AWG

Dear colleagues,

I’d like to thank the following colleagues for volunteering to lead or co-lead the following workstream areas in AWG


For roadmapping (data analysis, comparison to OpenHW Group existing roadmap, projection of future requirements)

Processor – Dr. Kan Shi

SW – Wei Wu, Mingjie Xing

Design and Verification Methodology - Jiuyang Liu, Dr. Kan Shi


Marketing- Wei Wu, Danny Hua


There are lots of opportunities to get involved and start making technical contributions to our roadmap analysis.

Please see Members and Interests Spreadsheet first tab, please record your interest areas, 2nd tab: please write your name down as workstream leader or co-leader if you are interested.


For Steering Committee – We have nominations from Mingjie Xing, Dr. Liang Peng, and Dr. Kan Shi. We’d like to have additional nominations from Companies such as Alibaba, and also others.


Thanks for a good AWG meeting today!


Duncan Bees 

Vancouver, Canada

Director, Technical Programs

OpenHW Group




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