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[openadx] rename OpenADx as "Eclipse Autonomous Driving"
  • From: Joe Speed <joe.speed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 00:15:44 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: rename OpenADx as "Eclipse Autonomous Driving"

Hello, Per today's OpenADx SC call I propose renaming “OpenADx” to “Autonomous Driving”. What do you think?

IMHO it is better to name WGs for their function. When someone hears “Eclipse IoT”, “Eclipse Automotive”, “Eclipse Software-Defined-Vehicle” they have a notion of what those might be. Nobody I’ve meet has ever heard of “OpenADx” or can guess what it is. It becomes exhausting explaining it over and over again and trying to get companies to care.

“Eclipse Autonomous Driving WG” makes it clear how we fit vis-à-vis the other WGs and top level projects. OpenADx projects are used in the default reference autonomous driving stack for SOAFEE, Autoware, ROS 2 Galactic, Indy Autonomous challenge, USDOT CARMA, et al. So let’s give “OpenADx” a less obtuse name.

I think this will also help with membership, making it easier for people to justify it to their managers.

Joe Speed
ADLINK | Field CTO | Global Partners 
Open Robotics ROS 2 TSC, Autoware TSC, OpenADx SC

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