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[open-measured-data-wg] News from openMDM: Release 5.1.0

Hi there,

we - the development team from openMDM / Eclipse mdmbl - have just released version 5.1.0.
The release succeeded successfully the Eclipse Foundation Release Review.
Downloads & Documentation can be found here [1].

And I'd like to take the opportunity to share with you what has happened around openMDM and
the Eclipse mdmbl project lately.

Let's look at the current release first.
We have added great new features like ATFX import / export,
internationalization for the web front end, reading / writing measurement data. And with upgrading
to Eclipse Glassfish 5 and Angular 7 we have definitely paid some of our technical debts. In numbers:
  • issued 8 milestone releases
  • fixed 60+ Bugzilla issues
  • conducted 50+ 3rd library license checks 
  • with 2 persons (a 1,5 days/week) continuously working on it, including support and maintenance 
We have also worked on our outreach!
In the fall of 2019, we have attended the ASAM International Conference in Dresden with an own booth.
With us we brought a new flyer that is available for distribution [1] and we could finally point our visitors to our
new online demo. You might also want to try it [2]! For early 20120 we had planned to conduct a workshop
with the folks from the OpenADx working group. But due to Corona crisis we have postponed it .
Stay tuned, we will get back to this soon! 

What's next? After a release is just before the next release.
For version 5.2, we have have the following high level topics we'd like to address. More details can be fond here [3].
And we are happy to to welcome an additional development team member, starting April 2nd.

This all would not have been possible without the help of many. I'd like to take the opportunity to thanks
  • the dev team for the great, continuous and high quality work
  • the Architecture Committee for the valuable discussions and the support for the dev team
  • the Steering Committee for taking the decision to drive the software development
  • the members / companies that donated feature development
  • all working groups members for their support
  • Ralph Müller who accompanied the Working Group from the very beginning 
  • the Eclipse Foundation, especially the IP Team and the infrastructure team 
  • and of course the committers and the contributors (yes - every bug is a love letter)

Angelika Wittek

openMDM(R) EWG product manager

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