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[open-measured-data-wg] openMDM Application: Release Candidate 5.1.0 ready for testing


the Release Candidate for the openMDM Application 5.1.0 is ready for testing.
We plan to apply for an Eclipse Release Review beginning of March.

Please check out the branches "release_candidate" for the following Git repositories:

  • org.eclipse.mdm.api.base
  • org.eclipse.mdm.api.default
  • org.eclipse.mdm.api.odsadapter
  • org.eclipse.mdm.nucleus

IMPORTANT: if you are using Elsticsearch, please update to Version 7.0 or higher
(we will mention this in our technical documentation asap)

Please report Bugs to:

In the next weeks the dev team will:

  • update the technical documentation (support is welcome)
  • double check legal documentation
  • extend the copyright headers to 2020

For questions please use the dev mailing list or contact me.

Best regards
Angelika Wittek

openMDM(R) EWG product manager

mail: awittek.openMDM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: +49 1577 1900802 

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