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[open-measured-data-wg] Follow-up to the last general meeting

Hello together!


Referring to the general meeting on July 3rd, 2019, we´ve listed the top upcoming requirements for openMDM 5 from the perspective of Peak Solution:


·       Modularization of the openMDM Web Client and provisioning of so called “extension points” or “hook-ups”: This allows for a better decoupled, parallel development of additional functionalities through multiple service providers simultaneously

·       Security: Enhancement of the existing security concept in order to better control user authorizations in openMDM 5 on a data and functional level

·       XY-Chart Viewer: For the visualization of stored channel data. We consider this as an important acceptance criteria for a measurement data management system

·       Node Provider: For a customizable view of the tree structure in the Navigator across different data sources. The detailed requirements for this have already been defined by BMW, Siemens and MüllerBBM

·       Meta Data Editor: To display and modify the metadata of measurement results based on predefined templates

·       Migration of the API to ODS 6.0: To avoid the addiction to Corba

·       Administration Client: For the maintenance of value lists, enumerations, physical dimensions, units, measurement dimensions, tags, external systems, data catalogs and templates

·       Vision: Development of a concept for the gradual connection of big data infrastructures


Peak Solution would appreciate if these proposals would be discussed and prioritized in the next Steering Committee meeting.


Over the next week, Peak Solution will come up with a suggestion on how it could be possible to provide interested users a demo system.






Dr. Hans-Joerg Kremer

Managing Director


Peak Solution GmbH

Lina-Ammon-Str. 22

90471 Nuremberg


Tel.: 0049 911 800 927 0



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