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Re: [open-measured-data-wg] [open-measured-data-wg-sc] Need your feedback on some OpenMDM 5 extensions

Dear all,


on request, it did my best to translate to English.


Thanks for your contribution,


Best regards,


Gert Sablon



Gert Sablon

Director Business Development

Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

Digital Factory Division

Simulation & Test Solutions


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3001  Leuven, Belgium

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Dear Gert

Can we have the excel translated in English as we are no able to follow?


Thanks and Regards

C V Joshi


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Dear Gerd,


On behalf of Peak Solution I send you the filled Excel sheet regarding Nodeprovider.


Concerning the REST API extension for file attachments you find my answers belowâ


Best regards,




Dr. Hans-JÃrg Kremer



Peak Solution GmbH

Lina-Ammon-Str. 22

90471 NÃrnberg


Tel.: 0049 911 800 927 0



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Betreff: [open-measured-data-wg-sc] Need your feedback on some OpenMDM 5 extensions


Dear Workgroup members,


As a result of this morningâs Steering Committee call, we would like to ask you to take some time to look into the following.




The nodeprovider in OpenMDM5 is still very basic, it does not even cover all OpenMDM 4 nodeprovider functionality.

Next to that, it will also need to be extended in order to be able to copy with multiple data sources at the same time.

During a workshop earlier this week, we wrote down the functional requirements for this.


We would now want to ask your support: Please discuss the attached Excel file with your OpenMDM user base and complete columns C and D as indicated.

This is crucial in order to be able to do a correct scoping and planning of the further development work for this component.


Deadline: end of next week


Please send your response to me, I will consolidate all answers.


We would especially appreciate to at least get this feedback from the OEMs, but all other workgroup members that have a view on actual and future usage of OpenMDM are welcome to provide their feedback.

For the German OEMs, we count on the coordination for this by following SC representatives:


Audi: C. Krenner

BMW: U. Bleicher

Daimler: M. Ebeling


REST API extension for file attachments


The initial request was to extend the REST API to support the download by a client of files stored in ERF (External Reference File) objects.

The discussion of this topic has led to a few more insights, mainly the fact that for ASAM ODS 5 servers and current installations, the files that are referenced by the ERF link are typically stored on a Corba FileServer, next to the ASAM database.

The fact that with ODS 6, Corba will disappear, means that for future installations, this will need to change. It was pointed out that it would be better to use the AoFile elements rather than the ERF attribute.


Therefore, the proposal has been extended as follows:


         step 1: Read files stored with ERF via Corba FileServer â this is the short term need and is also required for staying compatible with all existing databases where this mechanism is used

         step 2: Read/Write via AoFile mechanism - Files to be attached both on Structurelevel/Test/TestStep as on Context Attributes - needs to support Roles&Rights

         step 3: eventually in the future, if someone would still want to have this functionality: Write files via ERF mechanism to Corba FileServer


Remark: it needs to be investigated in for step 1, it would also be required to be able to read files stored via the ERF mechanism but attached to Context objects


For this topic, we would like to get your answer on the following questions:


Would it be OK to NOT implement step 3? In other words, is it correct to expect that:

  • all new datasources that will be implemented in the future will rely on ânon-Corbaâ technology, meaning that AoFile will be the standard mechanism to store file attachements â YES/NO


  • existing datasources will be migrated to ânon-Corbaâ technology â YES/NO


  • existing datasources will stay operational as they are (so with Corba technology), but only for data retrieval, not for storing new data sets â YES/NO



Thank you all very much for your cooperation,



Best regards,


the OpenMDM EWG Steering Committee



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