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[open-measured-data-wg] openMDM(R) application milestone 5.1.0M2 available - update


in the first mail I forgot to mention the CRUD operations in the feature list, please see the updated list.
Thanks Uli Bleicher for the hint.

the openMDM(R) application Milestone 5.1.0M2 is available now.
The code in on the master branches, tagged with 5.1.0M2.

New Features:

  • ATFX import/export
  • Support added for the Entity Role in the openMDM 5 Java API: load and persist the many-to-many relation between User and Role.
  • The business objects Project, Pool, Test, Teststep, Measurement are editable via the REST API.
    It is possible create, update and delete the listed business objects.
    Furthermore it is possible to edit the context data for Teststep and Measurement.
    CRUD operations for measured data are not part of this contribution.
  • Property lookups for parameters values in service.xml
  • Read root configuration directory from system property ("org.eclipse.mdm.configPath")

For more information see:

The results from the nightly builds can be found here:
Master branches: https://download.eclipse.org/mdmbl/nightly_master/5.1.0M2/?d
Dev Branches: https://download.eclipse.org/mdmbl/nightly_dev/?d

Previous versions are still available:

Best regards
Angelika Wittek

openMDM(R) EWG product manager

mail: awittek.openMDM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: +49 1577 1900802