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Re: [open-measured-data-wg] General Assembly Meeting July 25, Stuttgart

Hello -

sorry for the this second email. But I failed to attached the BMW Member Statement slides. Here they are:

Regards / Liebe GrÃÃe,

Ralph Mueller

Managing Director, Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH
Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Office: +49 6251 8606413

Attachment: BMW AnnualMeeting.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Am 02.08.2017 um 14:12 schrieb Ralph Mueller <ralph.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

The annual general assembly meeting took place on July 25th at the Siemens facilities in Stuttgart Weilimdorf.

Attending the meeting were (in no particular order):

  • Gert Sablon, Siemens
  • Hans-Dirk Walter, Canoo
  • Hans-JÃrg Kremer, Peak Solution
  • Holger KremÃ, itemis
  • Matthias Ebeling, Daimler
  • Winfried Keim, Daimler
  • Josef Hobelsberger, Mueller-BBM VAS
  • Ralf NÃrenberg, HighQSoft
  • Reha TÃzÃn, Bridging IT
  • Sebastian Dirsch, Gigatronik
  • Anton Junker, Gigatronik
  • Sven Wittig, Audi
  • Ulrich Bleicher, BMW
  • Michael Schwarzbach, BMW
  • Dietmar Rapf, Atos (invited guest, non-voting)
  • Angelika Wittek, Toolkit Manager
  • Ralph MÃller, EMO

The following sections will outline the agenda as well as the related presentations and some notes.

1. openMDM Status Report, Sven Wittig/Ralph MÃller

Sven was looking back over the last year. His topics included membership development. The EWG lost Atos, NorCom and Piterion, while Bridging IT has joined the EWG. 
He also went over the state of the services delivered by the members in accordance to the charter, where he highlighted the achievements from Atos (Issue Tracking system), Canoo (Project Lead Web Project), itemis (Evaluation of options for a CI environment) and Peak Solution (Requirements Management). As a note to the steering committee Sven mentioned that the SC needs to create more service offerings for the membership. See Svenâs slides for services already available for grabs in 2017/2018.
Another topic was the review of the current delivery schedule (projects are in time) and the current state of collaboration within the EWG. Currently, the EWG still needs better quality management processes and services. Shortcomings in the architecture departments (compliance check, documentation) were also mentioned.

<openMDM(R) EWG general assembly 2017 A.pdf>

Ralph MÃller reported briefly on the financial situation of the EWG. The cash balance as of June 30 is $234,996.64.

2. Elections

Elections were conducted for the steering committee. The SC for 2017/2018 consists of the following companies and representatives:

  • Audi - Christian Krenner (Driver Member)
  • BMW - Ulrich Bleicher (Driver Member)
  • Daimler - Matthias Ebeling (Driver Member)
  • Mueller-BBM VAS - Josef Hobelsberger (Driver Member)
  • Siemens - Gert Sablon (Driver Member)
  • Tata Technologies - Sanjay Hande (User Member)
  • Canoo - Hans-Dirk Walter (Service Provider Member)
  • itemis - Holger Kremà (Service Provider Member)
  • HighQSoft - Ralf NÃrenberg (Application Vendor Member)

Welcome aboard! 

No chairman was elected, further consideration by the SC is necessary. For now, Sven Wittig will approve external costs until next SC meeting takes place.

The Architecture Committee wil consist of:

Audi: NN; BW: Stefan Ebeling; Daimler: Winfried Keim; Mueller-BBM: Stefan Wartini; Siemens: Jan Blockx, mdmbl project: Angelika Wittek

The Quality Committee will consist of: 

Audi: NN; BMW: Michael Schwarzbach; Daimler: Thomas Reiner; Mueller-BBM: Christian Grobauer; Tata: NN; HighQSoft: NN; Service Provider Reps: Sebastian Dirsch, Franz-Josef Basler 

Elections for the chairperson of Architecture and Quality Committee will be conducted as soon as possible.

3. Member Statements 

Were provided by Audi, BMW, Daimler, Siemens jointly with Mueller-BBM, Bridging IT. Please see the following PDF files. The Daimler presentation will follow when available.

<openMDM(R) EWG general assembly 2017 A.pdf>
<Siemens & MBBM Annual Meeting OpenMDM Jul 2017_0.1.pdf>

4. openMDM5 development report, live demo

Angelika Wittek shared some good news with the group. Development sprint #1 was successfully concluded with release 0.7, sprint #2 has started as planned. More details in Angelikaâs report below. Ulrich Bleicher gave an impressive demo using live data. The demo was well received.

<openMDM_ToolkitManagement_ GMM_20170725.pdf>

Please report any mistakes or add as appropriate.

Thank you and

Regards / Liebe GrÃÃe,

Ralph Mueller

Managing Director, Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH
Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Office: +49 6251 8606413

Regards / Liebe GrÃÃe,

Ralph Mueller

Managing Director, Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH
Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Office: +49 6251 8606413