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[open-measured-data-wg] WG: AC meeting minutes 2017-07-14

Dear *,

today's conference call was rather short so no separate minutes document:
Participants: Angelika Wittek, Ulrich Bleicher (substitue for Stefan Ebeling) Stefan Wartini, Marcel Rüedi

Stefan Wartini informed about right and roles: The Steering commitee accepted the proposal. As a next step an example Application for a Use Case integrating two backend systems (ASAM-ODS and PAK-Cloud) should be realized.

Angelika Wittek informed about the developement: End of the first sprint will be next Friday (21.7. release v 0.7). Followed by two six-week sprints towards version 1.0. Focus lies on stabilizing the API and code basis.

The next meeting will be announced after the EWG plenum.

Kind Regards

Marcel Rüedi


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