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[open-measured-data-wg] protocol of openMDM quality committee telco 23.01.2015

·         open issues from document review

o    Document structure

·         Christian Weyermann will include the comments into the document

o    Common documentation format

·         Decision: Architecture and quality documentation has to be in DITA

·         Michael Schwarzbach posts the decision to the mailing list and to the wiki

·         Christian Weyermann converts the documentation to DITA

o    Code-convention and code-formatter

·         Thomas Schmidt prepares a proposal

o    Test documentation

·         Cannoo prepares a proposal along with their current task

o    Ui conventions / guidelines

·         Should be an own document

·         Quality committee is responsible for this new document

·         A proposal is currently being worked out by Cannoo

o    OSGi rules

·         Decision for OSGi still open

·         Task postponed

·         Next committee telco is at 13.02.2015



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