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Re: [oniro-wg-specification] Discussing Oniro Compatibility proposal - v1

Thank you all for answering. Most votes go for 16h CEST today. We'll meet at

I'll be writing minutes for people who could not make it at that time slot.

Kind regards,

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Subject: [oniro-wg-specification] Discussing Oniro Compatibility proposal - v1

Dear all,
Some time ago I've sent out the first proposal for the Oniro Compatibility project proposal. We'd like to discuss improvements to the proposal to have a rapidly available 1.0. That could mean for example specifying what we already have in Oniro (eg. BSP requirements, IP compliance requirements...).

Who'd be available to discuss it? Possible sessions:
Thursday Sept 1st 11h CEST
Thursday Sept 1st 16h CEST

It would be good to have answers today evening.

Kind regards,
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