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[om2m-dev] Access resources through CoAP

Hello all,

I was able to follow the tutorial "Starting" at [1], and explore
the Web Interface with the sample plugin inside MN-CSE product
with HTTP as in [2]. Currently, is there any way I can do something
similar to [2] or [3], but using CoAP instead of HTTP?

I see no CoAP plugin inside the IN-CSE product, when running `ss`
command; but I do see a plugin for CoAP inside MN-CSE product.
So, I'm guessing there's something receiving CoAP requests at
localhost:5684 (MN-CSE), although nothing at localhost:5683 (IN-CSE).

What I'd like to do is, for instance, use Firefox Copper [4] to make
requests _like_:
GET coap://localhost:5684/mn-cse/mn-name/LAMP_0; or
GET coap://localhost:5684/mn-cse/mn-name/LAMP_0?op=getStateDirect&lampid=LAMP_0; or
POST coap://localhost:5684/mn-cse/mn-name/LAMP_0?op=setOn&lampid=LAMP_0

Also, since I'm here already: the current master branch of this project
uses Californium for CoAP bindings, or another implementation (or, if anything,
a customized Californium)?

Thanks & Regards,
Bruno Melo.


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