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[om2m-dev] maybe a stupid question on the things' side

Hi all,
first let me take this opportunity to thank the developers team for this really amazing project!!!

I could build the project from maven flawlessly (and this is already a personal success for me, not being so smart at pure s/w side). The merit goes to the crystal clear wiki documentation! congrats again.
Then the big question mark that is floating in my head...
Imagine that I decide to migrate all my little vertical apps developed in the last couple of years. Such apps involve sensors and microcontrollers (mostly arduino-like): in the end little bits and things which normally are not IP-based but can communicate via short range communication techs (like bluetooth, nrf, xrf, srf, etc etc). Normally data reach my gateway (let's be short...a raspberry pi) which through a dev. framework like node-red can end up on the internet... Now, my question is: how can I "port" my current h/w&s/w mix into om2m? what are the (ideal) sequential steps to follow? is it worth (apparently yes to me....that's why I started getting involved in this challenge...)? any advice from anyone that already tried this out?



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