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[oaw-wg] Update Site

Hi all,

I have set up an update site with the core SDK and extensions. From there one could install these features. All dependencies are contained in the update site.

With the 0.7.2 features there is at the moment a problem that block installing them. When trying to install them one gets the message Either the manifest file or the signature file has been tampered in this jar: for some SDK plugins. I took the plugins from my Xtext distro, so no clue at the moment what corrupted the jars.

The Helios features are installable, and also the SDK extensions.

This update site should be taken as a discussion basis for tomorrow's telco. You will find it here:

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, since I'm on my way home at this moment. I could join at 21:45, when I'm back. I could join the chat from within the tram, so keep some minutes there.


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