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[oaw-wg] tasks from last telco

TASKS from last telko:
- All: Please have a look at the material André provided.
- All: Please read and comment on the matrix Karsten provided.
- All: Karsten will provide an aggregated updatesite based on the current version if the feature matrix in order to support the the discussion about the feature set of the distro.
- Dieter: For future conference calls Dieter will try to collect information regarding ongoing tasks from members that cannot attend the conference call.
- Karsten and Dennis: CDT formatter, Karsten and Dennis will try to set up a build accordingly. This won't happen within M5, though.
- Achim: EMF 2.6 usage (EOperations of EMF 2.6) Achim is responsible for this and will try to find a technical solution
- Markus and Peter: What is the support for a oAW 5.x distribution from itemis

Please check if a task bother you, and give me a short reply.


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