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[oaw-wg] oAW workinggroup meeting minutes January 12th, 2009


these are the meeting minutes of today's conference call. This was a catch up of the cancelled call originally scheduled for January, 5th.

Date / Time:
January 12th, 2009
21:05 - 22:15 CET

- Achimg Demelt (chat only)
- André Arnold
- Dennis Hübner
- Dieter Moroff
- Heiko Behrens
- Karsten Thoms
- Sebastian Zarnekow
- Sven Efftinge

(1) Execution Backend for Xpand
- Today, André sent an email with a new execution backend for Xpand. He asks for feedback. - His first impression is that small models will take longer to be worked on with this implementation. For larger models it's the other way around. - The UML version he announced in this mail will take at least two more weeks to be completed.

- All: Please have a look at the material André provided.

(2) oAW Distro
- Since Markus and Peter weren't attending the call and we missed to ask them in advance, we had no furher information about the status of the distro (see tasks of previous call). - Karsten reminded us to provide feedback for the feature matrix he provided on November, 9th.

- All: Please read and comment on the matrix Karsten provided.
- Karsten will provide an aggregated updatesite based on the current version if the feature matrix in order to support the the discussion about the feature set of the distro. - For future conference calls Dieter will try to collect information regarding ongoing tasks from members that cannot attend the conference call.

(3) How to include optional features into the Xpand build
- Using the example of the CDT formatter Karsten and Dennis explained the difficutlies in potentially building an oAW distro. They came up with "adapter plugins" that could capture additional features outside the core in order to get rid of dependecies.

- Karsten and Dennis will try to set up a build accordingly. This won't happen within M5, though.

(4) How to manage multiple target platforms
- Related to (3) Sebastian, Dennis and Karsten discussed how features that depend on a different TP (e.g. EOperations of EMF 2.6) could be integrated
- Sebastian proposed plugin fragments and another build job
- Achim wrote he implemented just a plugin. This could be built together with the adapters of (3). - Dennis wants to offer administrative support if a technical solution can be provided by s.o. else

- Achim is responsible for this and will try to find a technical solution

(5) Changes in Xpand
- Karsten wanted to emphasize the current progress of the Xpand project. Several fixes had been provided and the tooling has been improved.
- Darius Jockel (itemis) is intensively working on Xpand
- There's an ongoing active discussion regarding new Xpand capabilities:

(6) Which talks have been proposed for CG 2010?
- Karsten will try to propose a talk about Xpand
- Sven and Sebastian might repeat their last year's talk - now with existing implementations - Sven expects more talks from the itemis people - at least an Xtext talk



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