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[oaw-wg] Re: [oaw-dev] Re: Monthly telco

I will attend. Hopefully my UMTS connection holds this time.


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Subject: [oaw-dev] Re: Monthly telco

Ups, this collides with an appointment I made last week. I'll try to move it and to attend.

My topic is the feature matrix I sent you as a draft. An important question that I have is how we could deal with external components that do not provide a P2 repository. Or, what the delivery requirements are for external components in general.

Further I'd like to change the Maven pom.xml's for all projects to be Maven Tycho based, i.e. dependencies are managed through OSGi manifests and depending plugins are resolved through a target platform. This would require Maven 3 for the build, which is currently upcoming.


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Subject: [oaw-dev] Monthly telco

Hi folks, 

tomorrow (yes is December already there) will be our next monthly telko. Please send a short note +1/-1 if you can attend/cannot attend. Send any issues for the agenda too. From our last call there is still one issue open "how to get an oAW 5.x distribution". 


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