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[oaw-wg] redview (riena + oaw) - events

I'll demonstrate the next weeks how redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views) will enhance Riena RCP applications,
esp. if you're using a model-driven workflow with oAW.

redView ( will finally become open source (EPL) in nov/dec 2009.
promised !!!

first time I presented redView together with flo at EclipseCon 2009 and
I know it took much more time as expected to reach the point where we'll make it open source.

please notice: redView was developed by flo and me: flo does it in his spare time beside his regular job
and I'm self-employed - so there's (till now) no company behind redView.
but there are real projects using redView.

redView provides a WYSIWYG SWT editor and can be used for prototyping, RCP applications with riena UI + LnF
or as a nice UI for WebServices. redView Views can be generated using openArchitectureWare (MWE / Xpand / Xtend)

the next weeks we'll fill some gaps and create documentation and I'll also demonstrate redView:

Munich, W-JAX, 2009-11-11, BOF, Room Barcelona, 19:30 - 20:30
"Was man mit Eclipse EMF alles machen kann: Business UIs modellgetrieben"
(What you can do with Eclipse EMF: Business UIs model-driven)

Karlsruhe, Open Source EXPO, 2009-11-15 + 2009-11-16 at Exhibition
and 2009-11-16, 16:35 - 17:05 Open Stage,id,1.html

Eclipse Democamp Frankfurt, 2009-11-26

Eclipse Democamp Hamburg, 2009-12-04

(and Flo will present redView at Eclipse Democamp, Vienna, 2009-11-30

read more about redView at
or follow me at @twitter

I'll publish the links soon after redView can be downloaded (EPL)

ekke (ekkehard gentz)
independent software-architect
senior erp-consultant
eclipse | osgi | equinox | mdsd | oaw | emf | uml
max-josefs-platz 30, D-83022 rosenheim, germany
homepage (de):
blog (en):
twitter: @ekkescorner
skype: ekkes-corner
Steuer-Nr: 156/220/30931 FA Rosenheim, UST-ID: DE189929490

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