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Re: [oaw-wg] Meeting Minutes Conference Call 04 August 2009

Great, thanks Ekke!

@Heiko, can you add a link to the the main wiki page ( to the oAW-WG homepage? Ideally, it should appear in the left hand navigation area, below "mailing list" and "newsgroup". Thanks!


On 07.08.2009, at 13:16, ekke wrote:

just added the links to my blog posts about migration from oAW4 to oAW 5


Heiko Behrens schrieb:
Meeting Minutes
- Monthly oaw conference call (August)
- 04 August 2009, 21:00 PM - 21:40 PM CEST
- via Skype

- Achim Demelt
- Ekkehard Gentz
- Heiko Behrens (recording)
- Jan Köhnlein
- Peter Friese (moderator)

List established during call
- Amalgam
- Milestone Planning
- Migration Guide

Since Richard Gronback left the Amalgamation project there's currently no lead nor committer to continue this work. Peter and Cédric Brun volunteered ealier this day as an reaction of a call by Ed Merks. Other volunteers might follow. These new committers will eventually vote for a project lead and shape the future of Amalgamation conjointly.

- Amalgam could be a place to establish a common set of modeling facilities actual distributions could be built upon. Different parties could then reuse existing work such as a working build-infrastructure
- Certain demands on quality (such as documentation) every distribution has to fulfill might ensure increasing acceptance of Amalgamation in general
- One of these specific distributions based on Amalgamation could embody the "oAW distribution"
- Other parties (e.g. SAP) might be interested in such a collaboration, too. Peter will contact these after his holiday

Milestone planning
Achim had been asked to hold some of his patches until the service releases are out. Today, he asked for the status so he can continue his work.

- This Friday, 7th there will be the service release
- A branch for each oAW component will be established and new features will go into the head of trunk
- Achim then will apply his changes containing the incremental generation
- Jan and Achim will coordinate Achim's pending patches of MWE
- In future, the release planning of oAW components such as Xpand, MWE and Xtext will be synchonized and communicated more visible

Migration documentation
In the last weeks, Ekke gathered a valuable amount of information about the migration from oAW 4.3 to the current Eclipse projects in his blog. Other bloggers did so as well.

- As a result of the conference call Peter created a wiki page to collect these resources at a single place (
- Ekke will outline his work over there with links and short descriptions each
- Heiko will integrate this page into the website of the working group
- Documentation of each affected component (Xpand, MWE, etc.) should refer to the website of the working group

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