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Re: [oaw-wg] File Encoding


FYI, in my projects, Xpand files are UTF-8 encoded, which works fine for both 
oAW 4.3 and M2T Xpand. The only annoying thing was a while back when GMF 
decided to register a global ISO-8859-1 file encoding for XPT files. This 
seemed to override the project-level settings and had to be changed in the 
workspace settings.


On Sunday 12 July 2009 23:53:41 ekke wrote:
> after reading a post from peter friese there's some discussion about
> FileEncoding - esp. if sharing oaw projects thru different OS
>  From my (past 4.3.1 experiences) there was only one way to have
> projects working under different OS:
> * set project encoding to ISO-8859-1
> * set workflow files  (.oaw now .mwe) to UTF-8
> * set FileEncoding property of XPAND2 generator to ISO-8859-1
> do you think that this is still valid for oaw 5 - eclipse projects ?

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