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[oaw-wg] Recipe framework


I see that the Recipe plugins are deprecated for version 5 of oaw, and are also not migrated to TMF.

I have found this plugin to be useful and have migrated it myself.  I don't think TMF are interested in taking the migrated code back -

Is the oaw group interested in taking this back?  Or, failing that, are you happy for me to host the migrated version externally (say via my own sourceforge account)?

The lack of interest from TMF and the deprecated status of Recipe here suggest you probably don't want it back.  I wonder (before committing myself to maintaining it!) whether this is because something else is planned which will make Recipe redundant?  Or just lack of interest in the functionality (I can see a case for that - it's of limited use, but handy when you do need it).

Assuming, again, that you don't want it back - can you advise me on naming - would you want me to rename it from org.openarchitectureware (plugin and java packages)? Would it be acceptable to use openarchitectureware in the new name?  (I'll be happy to call it whatever).



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