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Re: [nebula-dev] New widget proposal questions

Hi Lukasz,

I'd highly appreciate if you could contribute your code to Nebula. The
first thing to do is to file a bug against Nebula-Core where we can work
on the widget and make it free from dependencies so that you can get it
into Nebula-CVS after having gone through an IP-Review.

CC'me on the bug and I'll hopefully be able to guide and help you
getting the widget in a state that it is ready to get introduced into

As a common rule your widget should be:
* a single self contained OSGi-Bundle
* which only has dependencies on SWT and optional JFace
* Do you have native-code as well or is it plain Java
  => I ask because this could probably affect the build


Am 05.01.10 01:05, schrieb Łukasz Milewski:
> Hello Nebula developers,
> For some time now I have been working on few custom drawn widgets, and
> in one case, I would like to share it with community. I've call it
> AeroToolbar, it resembles toolbar found in explorer under Windows Vista
> and Windows 7 (both versions of UI are already supported). At the time
> of writing this email, widgets is heavily dependent on some of my own
> stuff from application I'm working on, hence my question on the list.
> How one should prepare a widget to be qualified for nebula incubation?
> Could experienced nebula developer help with this process and guidelines
> how things should be addressed?
> In case attached image couldn't be delivered to list, here's url with
> - and
> <>
> Regards,
> Lukasz Milewski 
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