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Re: [nebula-dev] First Draft proposal to the Nebula-Project split

We are not, at this point, talking about creating a new "top level" project for Nebula.

I'm curious to hear where Nebula developers feel that the project should live. Ultimately, I think that Nebula will be better served by a project other than Technology. At very least, it'll be taken more seriously by the community. I, of course, may be wrong. Maybe Technology is a fine place for the project to exist. I think that the closest fit is Tools or Runtime, but neither of those feel exactly right either.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



Matthew Hall wrote:

My understanding from reading your proposal:

    * Create a top-level Nebula project (?)
    * Enable component maintainers to participate either in the
      top-level project or in a Nebula subproject.
    * Nebula Incubator is one of the subprojects.
    * Components in the top-level project release in lock-step, with
      synchronized versions.
    * Component maintainers wishing to release on their own schedule
      and their own versions will do so in a subproject.

I think this is a good direction for Nebula.


Tom Schindl wrote:
Hi Nicolas, Nebula-Devs and Technology-PMC,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that this took sooooo long.

I'd like to ask for your input on this proposal and whether you think
there's something missing.

The question is whether we need to move away from Technology once we did
a 1.0 release, PMC?

I'm going to collect data later which projects want to do a 1.0 release
(ideally we'd schedule it for EclipseCon 2010?).


Nicolas Richeton schrieb:
Hi Tom,

Looks good for me.

Just a few things :
- "Please send all feedback to the eclipse.ufacekit newsgroup." ->
should be the nebula newsgroup, correct ?

- The process for stable widgets may not be totally clear. Does a widget
that is no longer in incubation and can't follow the release schedule
have to get out of Nebula and have an eclipse projet on its own ? "3. Creating a project for every widget who doesn't want to get part
of the incubator nor staying in the Nebula-Project whose committers
agree on a release schedule."
Thanks for your work on this proposal.

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 11:00 AM, Tom Schindl <listom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:listom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Nebula-Committers,

    It took longer than I estimated but I finally found some minutes on the
    weekend working on the Nebula-Project proposal draft which should help
    us getting out of the lock situation we are currently in.

    Comments and feedback naturally welcome or rather expected because it
    directly affects you as the widget developers. The difference between
    the last discussed idea and the one outlined in the project proposal is
    that it's *NOT* a must for a widget to get a project on itsown but it
    can also reside into the Nebula where we are going to define a release
    schedule for 1.0 release.

    I more or less decided on the project I'm more or less the maintainer
    (Grid,PShelf,PGroup) to let them stay into Nebula and do a 1.0 sometime
    later *this* year.


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Nicolas Richeton


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