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[nebula-dev] New component proposals

Hi Nebula Committers,

Since sometime we have pending component proposals and I'd like to start
the process to get those contributions into Nebula.

The contributions are the following:

* Office Ribbon from Emil Crumhorn
  Provides a M$ like Ribbon

* Rich-Texteditor from Pavel Petrochenko
  Provides HTML-Editing-Facilities

* RadioGroup/RadioItem from Matthew Hall
  Provides a List-like Group-Widget

* XViewer from
  Provides a fancy framework around SWT-Table/Tree

  @Don: Please file a bugzilla with the XViewer code

Emil is already a committer on Nebula so I'm going to file a CQ for it
right after this mail - for the other 3 contributions I'd request your
feedback I think a 3 proposals are worth getting into Nebula.