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Re: [mylyn-vex-dev] Lots of download errors with 1.1.0M2


that's a tricky decision now. I started playing around with e4 (dependency injection etc.) some month ago and I found that is the way to go. This was the initial reason for my suggestion to switch to Kepler. But on the other hand you're right, we should not mess with our user base.

I don't know how to get feedback if those who had problems mind to switch to Kepler. Do you have any ideas?


Am 12.09.2013 19:09, schrieb Carsten Hiesserich:
we have a lot of 'missing item' install failures with the latest
milestome. Seems a lot of people are still using Juno.
Maybe it was a bit premature to limit VEX to Kepler.


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