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[mylyn-vex-dev] documentation or example of use of vex in an applet


the documentation on sourceforge says "The Vex editor widget is
available as a pure Java, cross-platform component with bindings to
Swing and SWT. Developers can re-use this widget, for example as an
applet in a web-based application."

I would like to do that. I plan to setup a Wiki to collaboratively edit
some XML files and would like to pack vex into an applet that is a word
processor / WYSIWYG editor that validates the input client side against
a XSD and does some smart auto completion. At best it uses a nice CSS to
hide as much XML-syntax as possible to be non-programmer-friendly, but
thats optional.

Has something like this been done before? Any project where I can see it
working? :)
I am not familiar with Vex or Eclipse RCP stuff but would be willing to
invest some time to get into it, as its for my master thesis...
Any hints for me?