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Re: [mylyn-reviews-dev] Fwd: Workaround for #386998

Hi Jean,

                Sorry for late respond, we are currently in the middle of the next release.  The next release ( R4E 0.20) will not have a patch to support window XP.  Currently, if you were able to use R4E, you could  use Google drive or Dropbox to have a share folder with other reviewers.


For the future solution, we have been asked to align R4E with a git repo. You will be able to use eclipse to perform a Gerrit review. So all review meta-data will be stored on the Gerrit server, no more share drive. That version will not support other SCM version control than GIT .


Best regards,



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Recompiling the plugin sources is too much pain for now, maybe later.

As for the alias, I tried two ways : with a icacls.bat forwarding to cacls and using doskey, but both way seem to not work ..

I think I'll wait for the next release.

As for the future solution, you mention git, does it mean the xrer file will be any non shared space, relying on the fact that it's shared in git or will it use git under the hood to share the information among several users of the project ?

Will it rely on the team sharing layer of eclipse or directly on git under the hood ? Will it be usable if I use SVN rather than git as scm (and therefore, if I have no available git server) ?

Shouldn't it be possible as a fallback solution to support user files and to trust the user in changing the shared repository acl settings ? even through some cryptic configuration to discourage its usage ?


On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Jacques Bouthillier <jacques.bouthillier@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jean,


                Since the only problem to run on a Window XP is the command to set the permission “icacls” by “cacls”

Two possibilities:

1-      Create an alias on your PC to run “cacls” when “icacls” is called OR

2-      You can download the R4E code, modify the code and use maven to recompile your executable, this will work

The file to modify is “org.eclipse.mylyn.reviews.r4e.core.utils.filePermission/WindowPermission.java” line 48, replace by “cacls”


Best Regards,




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Hi Jean,


            As already explained in the bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=386998, R4E is storing the review information on a file shared amongst the reviewer and we need to set the file permission for those review files. Window XP is using a method “calcls” to set permission and R4E is using “icacls” which is a newer method and works better with newer operating system.


            Next fall, R4E is moving to use the git server to store the review meta data. Since this is a server, there will not be any file permission being set any longer. So if you are using “git” as a configuration manager, it will probably be fine even under Window XP version.


Best Regards,



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Subject: [mylyn-reviews-dev] Fwd: Workaround for #386998




First, I apologize if this is not the proper ml to post this request to, I have not found a reference to a user ml (and mylyn-reviews-users@xxxxxxxxxxx does not work).


I was trying r4e and stumble upon this anomaly :

I am wondering if there might be a workaround to render r4e usable on windows XP..

I have no choice ATM to use something else, does it mean it is a no go to test the features ?


best regards,



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