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[mylyn-pmc] Fwd: New Mylyn Docs Project lead

Hi Mylyn PMC,

I realised that I was not subscribed to the Mylyn PMC (I'm not sure I should be since I'm not a member). Anyhow I got access, thank you :) Below is the message I was trying to send to you:


Videresendt melding:

Fra: "Torkild U. Resheim" <torkildr@xxxxxxxxx>
Emne: New Mylyn Docs Project lead
Dato: 24. april 2019 kl. 23:19:37 CEST
Til: Mylyn docs project <mylyn-docs-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Kopi: mylyn-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx, Eclipse Management Organization <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

David Green resigned from his post as the Mylyn Docs project lead (and committer) in December 2018. I believe it is required that all projects does have a project lead, so we should probably elect a new one. I'm not sure about the process, maybe the Mylyn PMC can give some directions.

And if you're still on the list David, thank you for all of your great work! Mylyn Docs would not be such an awesome set of tools without you!

Best regards,

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