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[mylyn-pmc] Thank you


In September of 2008, I became a Mylyn committer after bringing the Textile-J project to Eclipse as Mylyn WikiText, now Mylyn Docs.  For the past decade I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with an incredible team advancing Mylyn technology and tools, for example by integrating WikiText into Mylyn Tasks, supporting an ever-increasing set of markup languages, and by integrating with Maven.
The time has come where I can no longer give the project the time and attention needed.  It's with considerable regret that I offer my resignation as committer on the following projects:

* Mylyn Docs
* Mylyn Tasks
* Mylyn Commons
* Mylyn Incubator

A big thank you from me to all of the Eclipse community, who embraced WikiText as part of the Eclipse IDE, and to all of those that provided suggestions, bug reports, code reviews, and code contributions to the Mylyn Docs/WikiText project.

Also I'd like to thank Ian Bull, Peter Friese, Chris Aniszczyk and Jeremie Bresson who have all made considerable efforts to promote Mylyn WikiText within the developer community.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Steffen Pingel and Mik Kersten who bought into the vision and had a part in shaping the evolution of WikiText into the tooling that it is today.


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