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[mylyn-pmc] QC request for CommonMark

Mylyn PMC,

The Mylyn Docs project would like to use the CommonMark spec in support of testing the Mylyn WikiText implementation of Markdown[1].  I've filed a CQ[2], which provides the following detail:

Mylyn Docs would like to download the CommonMark spec as part
of running automated tests.  Under this proposal the CommonMark spec would be
downloaded and parsed by the Mylyn Docs test suite.  The result of parsing the
spec would be input and expected output for use in testing the Mylyn Docs
implementation of Markdown.
The CommonMark spec would be used by the Mylyn Docs test suite only, and would
not be distributed or included in the Mylyn Docs source code or compiled
The CommonMark spec is under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, see

I believe that this request complies with the "works-with" clause of the IP guidelines[3]:

The Eclipse software does not require the third party software to be present. If the third party software happens to be present, the Eclipse software may call or invoke it. Example: If a web browser is present, clicking on URL's in Eclipse will cause the user's configured web browser to open the URL. 

Per the guidelines, the PMC is expected to discuss the request and determine if it technically meets the required definition of "works with".
This is a request to the PMC to discuss as necessary and vote accordingly.

If there are any questions or if further detail is needed, please let me know.




David Green
VP of Architecture, Tasktop
Committer, Eclipse Mylyn

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